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Hi there! We’re the founders of Silink Maid Agency, Singapore. We are a family with 6 beautiful kids. We've been enjoying a lot with the helpers around saving us from the domestic matters, we believe that you should benefit from such services as well.

We specialize in providing fast and flexible maid services at literally lowest cost in the market. Just call / text us, you will be sure to know and believe what we mean by saying lowest cost.


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We Provide Z-E-R-O Agency Risk Services

Myanmar Helpers

Fresh and/or experienced, talk to us, you will find the right one meeting your requirements.

Indonesia Helpers

Looking after infants, taking care of kids and/or elderly, cooking, professional-level house cleaning, you name it.

Philippines Helpers

Professional service comes with professional employees, this is the right place to go for that.

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We follow closely to MoM guidelines and good practices, ZERO financial risk


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We and our partners provide basic to comprehensive training as per you needs

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24/7 is not what we target for, but we are confident you can reach one of us

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Whatsapp / Mobile / Wechat / Email our response is lightspeed

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customized warranty in case you need more time to settle