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General info about maids

A domestic helper who will be transferring to work for a different employer with a written consent, also known as transfer paper or consent form, from her current employer to do so. This helper is also commonly referred to as Transfer helper.
An experienced domestic helper who has worked before in Singapore and is currently back in her home country.
A domestic helper who has not worked in Singapore before. They will need to go through a SIP (Sit-In-Program) upon arrival in Singapore for the first time.
A direct hire helper is a helper that you hire from the foreign country without any agent. This foreign domestic worker usually come without any loan and you require our assistance to bring her into Singapore.
Generally lower costs Less training time Will provide extra training to provide the targeted needs Transfer maids are maids whose existing contract with another employer has ended or is cut short. Their employer might not require their services anymore as they are re-locating or feel like their family is not a good fit with the maid. The cost of hiring them is generally lower as expenses like plane tickets and work permit fees are excluded. Less training time is also needed as most transfer maids are more experienced and can understand simple English, Mandarin or other dialects, than new maids.
Suitable for family w young children Understand English better More reliable help with caring for children Can understand needs better Draw a higher salary Need off days to go church As most Filipino Maids understand English instructions well, you may get more reliable help with caring for your children, achieving a peace of mind. Generally, they can also understand your needs better. The majority of Filipino maids are Catholics and some might need off days on Sundays to go to church. They also draw a higher salary compared to their counterparts from Myanmar or Indonesia but many families are willing to pay more for the fuss-free communication and reliable help.
Hardworking and willing to learn when it comes to doing daily housework Humble and easier to work with Command basic English; can pick up simple mandarin and dialects More fluent in their Bahasa An extra pair of hands can go a long way in tidying up the house. Indonesian maids are generally more hardworking and very willing to learn when it comes to doing daily household chores. Many of them are also humble and easier to work with. Indonesian maids are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, similar to Bahasa Melayu in Singapore. Nevertheless, they do have a basic command of English and many can quickly pick up simple Mandarin or dialects. As such, they are generally more popular with the elderly who can speak Bahasa Melayu or Malay families who share the same culture and religious practices as them.

Strong work ethnic, w the commitment to work hard Draws a lower salary Not used to city living and need some extra guidance to familiarize the environment These maids from Myanmar are known to have a strong work ethic, with the commitment to work hard. They also draw a lower salary compared to their counterparts from the Philippines or Indonesia, which may be a consideration for families who are on a budget. Some Burmese maids are not used to city living and might need some extra guidance to familiarise them with the environment.