Pros and cons of hiring a transfer maid

Silink Maid Agency in Singapore: A Closer Look at the Needs of Both Employer and Employee

In Singapore, there are often two options available when looking for domestic help: hiring new maids or transfer maids. New maids might have to start from zero, whereas transfer maids already have experience and are prepared to fit into your family with little to no modification.

Knowing the Truth about Transfer Maid Myths and Myths

Some people may have heard unfavorable things spoken about transfer maids, although this description is not always true.

In Singapore, professionals that switch employers are referred to as transfer maids. This may happen for a number of reasons, including when an employer no longer need support or when there are issues with the employer. Instead of jumping to conclusions, it’s crucial to investigate the transition’s cause.

Since transfer maids already have experience and training, they are flexible and skilled workers who can be helpful to new homes. It’s important to avoid making the assumption that all transfer maids are subpar.

Singapore’s Increasing Adoption of Transfer Maids

Transfer maids, once disregarded as subpar staff, are now in great demand in Singapore, and for good reason.

This is why:
Benefits of Hiring a Transfer Maid Directly

Cost-effectiveness: Direct hiring can result in significant savings over hiring through an agency.
Financial Independence for Maids: Hiring a transfer maid immediately helps both parties by relieving the maid of the loan load and lowering the employer’s costs.
Fast Start: Unlike new workers, transfer maids can start working right away.
Experience: Transfer maids who have prior expertise need less monitoring and training.
Commitment: Transfer maids are less likely to leave their jobs owing to homesickness or communication difficulties because they have already adjusted to life in Singapore.
Application Process Simplified: The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has made it easier for foreign domestic employees to apply for work permits.

Silink Maid Agency: Helping You Find the Perfect Match

At Silink Maid Agency, we offer a range of services to help employers and domestic workers. We are dedicated to making the process go well, whether it be for an airport shuttle, renewing work permits, or housing maids in Singapore.

When hiring a transfer maid in Singapore, it’s important to consider the personal element as well as the practical considerations. Transfer maids provide flexibility, experience, and devotion, but a sensitive assessment of their qualifications should guide your decision.

Working with Silink Maid Agency will enable you to make an informed choice that takes into account not only your requirements but also the success and well-being of your domestic helper. We promote a more humane and fulfilling connection by acknowledging the respect and cooperation between employers and maids.

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