Direct Hire or hire through maid agency

Direct Hire or Hire through Maid Agency in Singapore? A Step-by-Step Guide

Singapore has a busy, fast-paced way of life that often requires long work hours and a lot of housework. Because of this, many people hire domestic helpers to help them with their daily tasks. When people want to hire a housekeeper/Maid/Helper, they often have to choose between hiring the person directly or using a maid service. Both options give you access to qualified candidates, but they are different in a number of important ways, such as the choice of candidates, the paperwork needed to hire them, the training they get, how they are replaced, how much it costs, and how reliable they are.

1. Choosing Who to Run

Direct hire means getting a foreign domestic worker through personal connections instead of a maid service. Even though it may speed up the process, there are often not as many prospects.

Maid Agency: Agencies give employers access to a larger pool of possible candidates and help them find domestic helpers who meet their needs. They make it possible to fit people better, which makes the hiring process more effective.

2. Paperwork for a job

Direct Hire: Employers can handle the formal paperwork themselves, which may save money. This choice might be good for people on a tight budget.

Maid Agency: Agencies offer transaction services that are easy and worry-free. They handle the legal processes and different requests from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This ease costs money, but it makes it easy to hire someone.

3. Training before a job starts

Direct Hire: Without an agent, there’s no way to know if a candidate has the right skills or training to do their job.

Many maid companies offer pre-employment training in important skills like housekeeping, caring for babies, caring for the elderly, and caring for people with disabilities. This makes sure that housekeepers are ready for different situations at home, which gives managers peace of mind. At Silink, our maids undergo a stringent training before they are employed in Singapore. 

4. The Process of Replacing

Direct Hire: If a hired maid doesn’t meet your needs, it can be time-consuming and expensive to find a new one.

Maid Agency: Agencies offer quick ways to find a replacement maid, and by contract, they have to find a good one. This can save the company both time and money.

5. Prices

Direct hire seems like it would be cheaper, but it can be risky. Mistakes or bad decisions can lead to having to hire people more than once, which takes more time and costs more money.

Maid Agency: Hiring a professional agency may seem more expensive at first, but in the long run, it’s a cheaper way to get help. Agencies are often worth the extra cost because they offer security, convenience, and experience. Check out our maid hiring prices here. 

6. Trustworthiness

Direct hire may be faster and cheaper, but there are no promises that the person you hire will be reliable. Unexpected things can happen, like a candidate dropping out of the running.

Maid Agency: Agencies are very important for making sure the hiring process is safe and complete. They serve as a safety net, stopping scams or sudden changes in a candidate’s mind.


In Singapore, hiring a housekeeper is a big choice that depends on many things. Both hiring a maid directly and using a maid service have their pros and cons. Families and people who want to find the best fit for their needs need to know about these differences.

Direct hiring might be better for people who want to be more hands-on, but maid companies offer a full range of services, such as hiring, training, and legal help. In the end, the best choice relies on what you want, how much money you have, and what your home needs.

Employers can make a well-informed choice that fits their needs by thinking about all of these things. This will help them have a good relationship with their domestic helper and a more comfortable and efficient home life in Singapore.

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